Joining Talking Hedz

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How this platform can work for your school?

Joining the Talking Hedz platform allows you to access all of our psychotherapists and counsellors online.  We offer access to a vast range of experienced specialists all who are DBS checked ready to work in schools with students.  


We also offer training for staff, teaching them a bit more about therapeutic models which can then be introduced into the classroom to help reduce conflict, anxiety, bullying and many other issues that might arise.


Group or class sessions can help teach children emotional responsibility and address complex subjects such as bullying.  Helping children understand their behaviours have consequences and how they can seriously affect other peoples lives. Addressing these subjects leads to greater understanding, it really encourages young people to become more responsible for their actions and think through their cognitions, why they think, feel and behave how they do.  It’s powerful, liberating and can really change young peoples lives and their futures.

Our aim at Talking Hedz is to work collaboratively with students, staff and families when required.  So many times young people do not meet the criteria to receive help from CAHMS or the waitlists are too long.  We are here to provide the best pastoral care for your students and they can be confident they are being heard in the strictest confidence.


All of our psychotherapists and counsellors will have a current DBS check; their qualifications will be available for schools to access.  We aim to offer you a wide range of experienced specialists at the touch of a button, you will be able to choose the specialist who best suits your students needs and we will provide on-site help.


We also offer training for staff, teaching them about therapeutic models that can be introduced in the classroom to help with learning, conflict, relationships and bullying problems.


Group or class sessions are also available; these classes can help teach children emotional responsibility and address complex subjects that might be happening within the school environment.  Helping children understand how their thoughts, feelings and behaviours not only affect themselves but others too, enables them to have a greater understanding and encourages greater responsibility to others around them.


Now more than ever our young people need help to manage their mental health, make your school stand out by bringing the mental health factor to your classroom!

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What do we do next?

Contact Us Because ...

We want your school to have access to experienced, accredited, psychotherapists and counsellors today. We will come to your school and offer unparalleled levels of high quality assistance to your students, their families and staff. We want to revolutionise accessibility to mental health services so young people are not having to wait, sometimes until it’s too late, for critical help!


Together we can make the change and THIS change really matters!