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What we do.

We provide full pastoral care for your students knowing they are in safe, qualified hands with unparalleled levels of excellence.

Therapy Sessions

Our Approach

A revolutionary counselling and psychotherapy platform for primary and secondary schools. Offering counselling and psychotherapy sessions at school premises as well as off-site meeting rooms if required. Additionally, you will gain access to skilled, accredited psychotherapists and counsellors who have the experience and skill-set your school is looking for.


Our Aim

We aim to help schools manage mental health problems in a confident and secure way. Having access to a pool of experienced counsellors and psychotherapists when needed is a fundamental requirement for all forward thinking educational settings.

Donna Colling Profile Picture.jpg

Donna c Collins


I have been a qualified CBT psychotherapist for over 15 years.  In this time I have dealt with a plethora of different mental health problems, OCD, depression, anxiety disorders to name but a few.  I have a special interest in health anxiety and also children’s mental health and well-being.  

Donna’s help has been invaluable to my daughter and me as a parent. When my daughter started to experience anxiety and in particular anxiety about her health, I felt that as her Mum I should be able to help her cope. As her anxiety escalated and started to impact her day-to-day life, I was recommended to Donna and my daughter began to see her on a weekly basis. Whilst she was apprehensive before her initial meeting, Donna immediately put her at ease and she came home more able to talk through some of the things that had previously been difficult for her communicate.  As the weeks went by, my daughter began using various techniques at home in order to stop the anxiety escalating, with a very noticeable improvement to her overall wellbeing. The consequence being that she has started secondary school much better equipped for all the new challenges and much more accepting of her feelings and how to manage and talk about them. Whilst this has been of great benefit to my daughter it has also been invaluable to me. Donna at the outset made time to involve me and spoke of the importance of all working together I really believe this has been one of the key reasons why we have seen long-lasting benefits.


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